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Polaris Pictures creates beautiful films for your business or service without an extravagant price tag.

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the broadcasting industry and the expertise of our BAFTA nominated director, we can bring your brand to life in the most visually stunning way.

You might have been apprehensive in the past by the cost of hiring UK film production companies, but at Polaris Pictures we give you much more for less. That’s because we pour every penny you invest into styling and directing the sort of beautiful promotional film that your customers will love.

Our professional film and video production services offer an enticing range of products from gorgeous travel, lifestyle and corporate films to engaging and image rich social media content.

We believe in the traditional ethos of excellent and reliable customer service, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that we put care, innovation and passion into every piece of work we do.

We are confident we can help your company take the spotlight with exceptional photography and video that comes from experienced film makers at affordable prices.




Today's festive wrapping theme is one of our more tricky wrapping creations, but we think you’ll agree that, whatever take on it you choose, it's going to look lovely when it's finished. 


To start with we wrapped the gift in metallic blue paper from Paperchase to give the marvellous shimmery effect of the frozen lake. We also scribbled on skating lines with a white Crown pencil. 


The blue parcel was overlaid with a sheet of white paper which was cut out to form a snowy bank and the parcel was overlaid again with a sheet of silvery white organza from the wedding section of Hobbycraft to create the image of frost.


We found the cute little fox in Hamley’s in London and the fir trees were from John Lewis. 


Whether we're producing promotional videos for a special product or brand, filming at a luxury hotel or travelling to a far flung destination to make a short film, one of the things we love to do is to be creative. It follows on into pretty much everything we do.


That's why what we love about this sweet wrapping style is it’s like a diorama, in the sense that you can put your own take on it and create whichever scene you prefer.


It doesn't even have to be exclusively for Christmas scenes, for instance, imagine a child's birthday, where you might create a little town using dolls furniture.


Very very sweet and lovely to receive whatever your age.






This is such an attractive wrapping style that it has to be one of our favourites so far.


It’s just so wintry, crisp and clean with the stunning effect of the silver stars and gorgeous accessories.


The sumptuous wrapping was created using lots of layers of lovely silver and white paper from Paperchase and it was topped off with some beautiful mini baubles from the same store.


Adding a touch of glamour and angelic charm, the white feather comes from Hobbycraft, which completes the fresh white frosty look and the silver stars come with added sparkle.


This wrapping style not only reminds us of the White Christmas many of us dream of, but it also gives a pretty feminine touch to your wrapping. Guaranteed to look lovely under your tree in a couple of weeks time :)




Today's stunning wrapping style brings some real solid gold luxury to your gifts, with one of the brightest colours around at this time of year.

Using this beautiful gold wrapping paper from Shepherds inc. Falkiner fine papers and glittering gold gift tag, we accessorised with matching ribbon and Swarovski crystal costume jewellery from Hobbycraft to give the sort of brilliant effect that will ensure your gifts shine brightly under the tree this Christmas.

If you want your gifts to look appealing, before they're even opened, this makes a lovely way to present your presents to any friends and family.

And of course, when they're wrapped in gold, your gifts should reflect the lights from the Christmas tree to make them sparkle like never before.







There’s a really nice theme to today’s style of wrapping which will make it appeal to children and nature lovers alike. 


As with many things, it's the little touches that make all the difference and this little owl, which we found in Paperchase, looks so sweet perched on top of the beautiful Japanese lace paper.


As well as the nature and wildlife theme, the thing we really like about this wrapping is the subtle beauty of the greys and monochrome of the paper that we got from Shepherds inc. Falkiner fine papers.


The look was completed with a piece of thin satin ribbon from John Lewis which looks beautiful alongside the intricate wrapping paper.


Again, this is a style which is so simple to create, but we think you'll agree it looks absolutely lovely. Add your family or friends' favourite animals to personalise the gifts and you've got a delightful wildlife theme for your Christmas wrapping.












Any fans of the early to middle part of the 20th century are going to adore our latest festive wrapping style. It's smart, yet gorgeously glamourous, sophisticated and well and truly stylish.


Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s, this lovely green and gold wrapping is a perfect way to display your presents under the tree.


We especially love the paper which we found in Paperchase on the Tottenham Court Road in London, because of the marvellous vert de gris effect that it gives off which might normally be reserved for copper or bronze.

The sumptuous gold ribbon is from Clintons and the baubles were also from Paperchase.


Our inspiration for the wrapping came not only from popular art of the 1920s, but also from the fashion and some of the stunning art deco buildings which popped up around the time, such as the Chrysler Building in New York City.


We think you will agree this is a marvellously elegant style of wrapping, guaranteed to look lovely poking out of any stocking this Christmas.