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Polaris Pictures creates beautiful films for your business or service without an extravagant price tag.

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the broadcasting industry and the expertise of our BAFTA nominated director, we can bring your brand to life in the most visually stunning way.

You might have been apprehensive in the past by the cost of hiring UK film production companies, but at Polaris Pictures we give you much more for less. That’s because we pour every penny you invest into styling and directing the sort of beautiful promotional film that your customers will love.

Our professional film and video production services offer an enticing range of products from gorgeous travel, lifestyle and corporate films to engaging and image rich social media content.

We believe in the traditional ethos of excellent and reliable customer service, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that we put care, innovation and passion into every piece of work we do.

We are confident we can help your company take the spotlight with exceptional photography and video that comes from experienced film makers at affordable prices.






As the nights pull in and we head towards the shortest day, there's something quite romantic and appealing about a chilly, crisp winter's night that makes us want to snuggle up with the ones we love.


Not only was this deliciously dark wrapping style inspired by the Natalie Portman movie "Black Swan", but we love the deep shimmering elements of it which remind us of a frosty winter’s night with the sparkling ground beneath our feet.


If you would like to copy this wintry style, it's fairly easy to do...


The image of the black frozen night was created by using black tissue paper sprayed with silver glitter spray. We also used feather cord from Hobbycraft to tie up the parcel, baubles from Paperchase and black curling ribbon from WHSmith, which we curled ourselves using the blade of the scissors. 


It's time to feature a little dark sophistication and glamour under your tree!






The snow has been falling in Scotland, making a lovely Christmassy start to December.


Whether it's the fact that Burn's Night is just around the corner, or it’s the warm colours woven into the pattern, the use of tartan in your Christmas wrapping can look so festive and traditional at this time of year. 


We teamed it up with a lovely little soldier bauble that we found in Tesco and mini baubles from Paperchase to add some decorative touches to the style.


The lovely red paper and tartan ribbon also came from Paperchase.


This is perfect for adding a touch of Scottish charm to your Christmas wrapping - keeping you well and truly Scot until the first few chords of Auld Lang Syne.




It’s time to bring the outdoors in with this classically rustic style of wrapping which includes a hint of Christmas with the use of snow tinged pine cones, twigs and a wooden star. 


For any fans of Mother Nature and lovers of the great outdoors, this is such a stylish way to present your gifts which is simple to do, yet really beautiful to receive.


When we’re not creating short promotional films for products and brands, we love to get outside and enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer. That’s why we simply had to include it in our Christmas wrapping this year. 


If you’d like to copy this wrapping style, all you need to do is take a walk in your local park or woods to find the pine cones and twigs, then, using simple brown paper from the Post Office, carry on the Christmas tree look with beautifully wrapped gifts which will compliment your decorations perfectly. 


The birch star gift tag which we found in Paperchase looks lovely with the rustic cord tie and we used acrylic paint to give a snowy look to the pine cone.





You’ve heard the phrase pure as the driven snow and this sums up the theme of today’s beautiful wrapping style nicely. 


If you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland, this is a lovely way to incorporate it into your festive wrapping.


Drawing inspiration from the magnificent beauty of a layer of freshly fallen snow and the theme of peace, we put together this delightful style of wrapping using Shepherds inc Falkiner Fine Papers and Japanese tissue in the layers for depth. 


The gorgeous little accessories add the finishing touches and work to great effect in really making this gift look delightful - in fact it could quite possibly be our favourite so far!


We found the paper flowers in Hobbycraft, tied white satin ribbon from John Lewis around the gift and finished the effect by adding a pretty white bird that we found in Paperchase. Gorgeous :)







Today it’s time to bring a bit of Eastern promise to your wrapping with this stunning Japanese Ultramarine style that can look beautiful, not only at Christmas, but at any time of the year.


We absolutely love the fusion of Asian classical bookbinding papers and classic wrapping materials, as well as the art deco pattern and electric blue colour which gives a lovely vibrant shimmer.


It makes a perfect way to add a touch of masculine elegance to your gifts and friends and family will spot them from a good distance as they shine brightly under the tree.


Again it’s all about creating the right effect in your presentation, so we chose this lovely paper from Shepherds inc Falkiner fine papers and found bright blue ribbon, mini baubles and a tag to match it beautifully (John Lewis, Paperchase, WHSmith).