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Today's festive wrapping theme is one of our more tricky wrapping creations, but we think you’ll agree that, whatever take on it you choose, it's going to look lovely when it's finished. 


To start with we wrapped the gift in metallic blue paper from Paperchase to give the marvellous shimmery effect of the frozen lake. We also scribbled on skating lines with a white Crown pencil. 


The blue parcel was overlaid with a sheet of white paper which was cut out to form a snowy bank and the parcel was overlaid again with a sheet of silvery white organza from the wedding section of Hobbycraft to create the image of frost.


We found the cute little fox in Hamley’s in London and the fir trees were from John Lewis. 


Whether we're producing promotional videos for a special product or brand, filming at a luxury hotel or travelling to a far flung destination to make a short film, one of the things we love to do is to be creative. It follows on into pretty much everything we do.


That's why what we love about this sweet wrapping style is it’s like a diorama, in the sense that you can put your own take on it and create whichever scene you prefer.


It doesn't even have to be exclusively for Christmas scenes, for instance, imagine a child's birthday, where you might create a little town using dolls furniture.


Very very sweet and lovely to receive whatever your age.