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There’s a really nice theme to today’s style of wrapping which will make it appeal to children and nature lovers alike. 


As with many things, it's the little touches that make all the difference and this little owl, which we found in Paperchase, looks so sweet perched on top of the beautiful Japanese lace paper.


As well as the nature and wildlife theme, the thing we really like about this wrapping is the subtle beauty of the greys and monochrome of the paper that we got from Shepherds inc. Falkiner fine papers.


The look was completed with a piece of thin satin ribbon from John Lewis which looks beautiful alongside the intricate wrapping paper.


Again, this is a style which is so simple to create, but we think you'll agree it looks absolutely lovely. Add your family or friends' favourite animals to personalise the gifts and you've got a delightful wildlife theme for your Christmas wrapping.