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Polaris Pictures creates beautiful films for your business or service without an extravagant price tag.

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the broadcasting industry and the expertise of our BAFTA nominated director, we can bring your brand to life in the most visually stunning way.

You might have been apprehensive in the past by the cost of hiring UK film production companies, but at Polaris Pictures we give you much more for less. That’s because we pour every penny you invest into styling and directing the sort of beautiful promotional film that your customers will love.

Our professional film and video production services offer an enticing range of products from gorgeous travel, lifestyle and corporate films to engaging and image rich social media content.

We believe in the traditional ethos of excellent and reliable customer service, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that we put care, innovation and passion into every piece of work we do.

We are confident we can help your company take the spotlight with exceptional photography and video that comes from experienced film makers at affordable prices.



Get ready for a little Christmas crazy... Here is the final instalment in our festive wrapping series and it’s a super fun one to create! 


Any fans of Star Trek will remember the 44th episode of the iconic American sci-fi series entitled “The Trouble with Tribbles”. It was this that inspired us to create this weird and wacky style of wrapping. 


The fashionable multi coloured pom poms from Hobbycraft reminded us of the furry little Tribbles and we think you’ll agree it’s a pretty bonkers and fun way to wrap your gifts!


To start with the present was wrapped in white cartridge paper and then we stuck the pom poms on beginning with green colours and then phasing it around to red.


The ribbon to finish it came from John Lewis. 


A lot of fun to do and a great talking point when the big day rolls around! Have fun!







In contrast to yesterday's pink extravaganza, there’s a lovely natural and masculine feel to today’s style of wrapping which makes it a perfect way to present your gifts to any of the male members of your family.


We created this no-fuss style of wrapping using fablon - a type of wooden vinyl which is available in Homebase.


It gives a really nice outdoorsy wooden effect to your gift wrapping which will look lovely under your Christmas tree.


The green garden twine can be found in any decent garden centre and this lovely heart shaped piece of slate was from Hobbycraft.




Not only has today’s wrapping style got it all when it comes to a bit of glitz and glamour at Christmas time, we also love it because it reminds us of the early morning sparkly frost which always looks so beautiful at this time of year.


If you like your gifts to look stylish yet stunning under the tree, this is so simple to do. 


The paper is from Paperchase and gives a lovely sheen as though shining a torch on the frosty ground.


We tied the parcel using tinsel from Ikea and the pearls (which we stuck on) and the wreath came from Hobbycraft.


So easy to create, yet so eye-catching and divinely attractive.





If you have a very girlie friend or young family member who is mad about the colour pink, then this is the perfect wrapping style for you, because it is literally in the pink! 


We found the lovely thick pink ribbon in John Lewis, while the delightful art deco patterned paper, paper raffia to overlay the ribbon, mini baubles and star came from Paperchase.


This gift wrapping is bursting full of pinkness and makes a lovely pretty feminine Christmas wrapping style to have under your tree.






We're bringing a touch of class to your wrapping this weekend with a theme which will look lovely at whatever time of year you choose to use it to wrap your presents.


This style of wrapping reminds us of the beauty of Japan and the delicate intricacies of the kimono, with the delightful patterned paper cross wrapped with a piece of tracing paper and tied neatly with green cord. 


The leaf patterned concertina paper was a screen printed book binding piece from a collection at Shepherds inc. Falkiners fine papers, which was partially wrapped over with Japanese silver tissue from the same shop. We then overlaid with tracing paper from an art shop and tied it with cord. 


The gift tag we designed ourselves, using a Japanese take on the traditional Christmas tree image to give a gorgeous festive effect as a finishing touch.